Building Automation Systems

Take control of your building's HVAC and Energy Management Systems with Reliable's dedicated Controls Department.


Reliable Integrated Solutions Ltd is an exclusive dealer of Alerton and Schneider Continuum control systems in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our dedicated Controls Department of skilled engineers and technicians are experienced in installing and servicing commercial building automation systems.  

Our products are capable of the following features:

  • HVAC Control Systems
    • Control all types of mechanical equipment from boiler plants to complex air handling units
  • Energy Management
    • Optimum start times for energy efficiency
    • Demand limiting for load optimization
    • Energy logging
  • Tenant Activity
    • Automatically detect after-hours tenant activity
    • Generate bills
  • Custom Graphics
    • Custom 3D graphical user interfaces
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
    • Maintain temperature, humidity and CO2 levels
  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring
    • Monitor hazardous gases in areas such as parking facilities, mechanical rooms and laboratories
  • Networking and connectivity
    • Built-in Internet and wide area network (WAN) capabilities
    • Remote sites and roaming access
    • Fully BACnet compatible
  • Easy Scheduling and Trendlogging
    • Trend data for later viewing and troubleshooting
    • Easily setup individual, group or zone schedules
  • Alarms
    • Create alarms for critical equipment
    • Setup as a pop-up, e-mail, pager or text-message alert