• Sun Country Health

    Sun Country Health Redvers

    Residents of Redvers Health Centre will move into a brand new long term care wing during the week of July 22-26. The new wing will replace the Centennial Haven which was built in 1967.

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    “This is an exciting time for the residents and the staff who care for them,” says Marga Cugnet, CEO, Sun Country Health Region. “We’ve all been preparing for this day since construction began in the fall of 2011 and we’re looking forward to the completion.”

    The residents will move into 23 individual rooms in one of two connected houses, each with its own air-conditioned dining room, living room with fireplace, and kitchenette. The 24th room is available for respite care.

    The two houses, called Tiger Lily Lane and Gardenside Terrace, look out onto a spacious terrace in the front of the building. Each house has a parking area for scooters, laundry, personal care, storage and housekeeping rooms. The houses will share a large activity room which opens out to a covered patio with pull-down sun and mosquito screens, a chapel, and hairdressing room.

    Two rooms in each house will have interconnecting doors for couples. Each house offers a family/sitting room.

    “It’s been a long process,” says Facility Manager Naomi Hjertaas. “We began formally planning in 2009.

    “It’s taken a lot of hard work by many people to get to this point. The Redvers and District Community Health Foundation has been fundraising for the community’s share of the cost as well as being involved in the on-going planning and building process. Regional departments like nursing, dietary, maintenance and housekeeping have been planning how to organize the use of these new spaces.”

    “But it’s all worth it,” she says. “This new wing will be a definite asset to the community and a big improvement to the quality of life of residents here.”

    The old wing of the health centre will be closed off once the move is complete to prepare for a renovation this summer.


  • City Hall Renovations

    Renovations planned for Regina City Hall

    $5 million plan would improve security
    Reported by Patrick Book

    Regina's city hall could get it's first face-lift in 35.
    Director of facilities management Pat Gartner admitted the proposed package has been pared down from the original plan to make it more affordable.

    “The original conceptual design for the building was a $13 million project. What we have discovered is that is just not affordable for the City of Regina right now,” Gartner explained.

    The rest of the work could be done at a later date without reversing any of the changes currently in the proposal.

    Gartner said the main purpose of the renovations is to improve customer service and upgrade security. The proposed project would keep the public out of the upper levels of city hall by moving some services from the tower down to the main floor with more visible security.

    Right now dozens of people go to the upper floors to get permits and licenses. Gartner explained that moving these services to the main floor would be a big improvement on current security.

    Reliable is the security vendor for the City of Regina.

  • Southwest Integrated Health Facility Maple Creek

    Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility - Maple Creek, SK

    The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Faclity (SIHF) in Maple Creek is being constructed to replace the existing Maple Creek Hospital and Cypress Lodge Nursing Home. The SIHF will be a facility based on the principles of Lean methodology and will create a unique, improved model of care for residents of the southwest.

    Reliable was awarded the Security card access and video for this project.